Please Don’t Insult Our Intelligence

I am indignant, indignant towards this new ridiculous hilarity called a movement, the MRA Without derailing the last 200 years of hard work and subsequent progress that has been achieved in the name of feminist and gender rights, please articulate to me how a man purported to be the same age, have the same socio-economic status, religion or creed and experience in the workforce is able to earn more than me in an occupation that demands as much of him as it does of myself. Please explain to me why my womb, my ovaries and my vagina is a reason for you to choose not to hire me and why staring at my super hot rack is a distraction and therefore I need to be fired, please explain to me why my genitalia is a reason for you to undermine and undervalue me.

Think about all your female relatives and friends and tell me with justifiable conviction that their right is justifiably below yours just because of the mere fact that you are, by right of birth ‘a man’. In May, 2012 the ABS denoted that the average weekly earnings were as followed $1,342.50 for male employees and $904.00 for female employees, If this is what equality appears to be, than I am dissatisfied with the level of equality that is not afforded to me.

Am I against men? Do I, as you so strongly claim, ‘deny the human rights afforded to them’, of bloody-course not, some of my closest friends are men and not to mention the amount of men who support equality between genders, the infallible lack of common sense in the minds of a ‘Voice for Men’ is nothing less than insulting. I’m not about to take a flamethrower to my Underwear Drawer, and I admittedly do shave my legs, But to truly go above and beyond to claim that Feminism has achieved all it’s worth through minor tokens and Hitler-esque appeasements is none less than revolting, (side-note: my ovaries and reproductive rights are not the Sudetenland). The bile rises in my throat when I look around and still see and feel the injustice that exists against women all over the world today, I suppose there’s no need to concern our ‘pretty little heads’ with the scores of infanticide happening in third world countries or the millions of women who still suffer domestic violence and what about the other issues like, female bodily and genital disfigurement and mutilation, forced prostitution, honor killings, restricted freedoms, child brides and criminalized pregnancy. You may think that the post-feminist wave is dead and gone, but we are here and our eyes and ears are open and we will make a difference even though you deny the very basis of our existence.

Just reading through an article written recently, the lack of respect shown to the author through both the incredulous tone of the article and the more-than misogynistic thread of comments that ensued is shameful.  In regards to my opposition of the article, instead of attacking the author, it is the argument that should be attacked; the leaps and bounds of progress is undeniably existent within the Feminist rights discourse HOWEVER this should not form a basis for the MRA’s argument of ‘that’s enough, you can all go home now’, yes we have achieved much in Australia on a reproductive level, but how about out employment rates, as well as out under-representation in the recently instated liberal Government, please explain to me how the number of seats in Australia’s current Parliament is equally distributed among fully capable men and women.

Now let’s discuss men’s reproductive rights to contraception, sure there are vasectomies and other pharmaceutical and surgical articles of question, however, men who do not wish to father a child would in no way be expected to undertake these responsibilities of immeasurable worth, women on the other hand are almost pushed toward the ‘pill’ (Can cause weight gain, hormonal imbalance, moodiness and increased chance of being infertile at a later age) and other contraceptive methods that are both uncomfortable and inconvenient including: implants, Intrauterine devices, female sterilization, injectibles, the pill, patches, rings, diaphragms, female condoms, sponges, spermicides and who can forget the ‘fertility-Awareness Based methods’, because we obviously do not self-police ourselves enough.

In regards to the denial of the need for Men’s health, the absolute hilarity of this notion is beyond jaw-dropping, because ultimately, according to the MRAs reliable and non-existent sources, no ‘feminists’ can articulate to the MRA that there is a specific and inbound need for Men’s right and health. To this I say, of Course just as there is a need for male health there is a need for female health, ‘Feminists’ are not eager and keen to see half the earth’s human population suffering from the common cold, and we are not out here to try and restrict your access to your local GP, on that same note we are not out to restrict the research into bigger male-health issues.

The aspect of this article that most bothered and unsettled me was the misogynistic language and sexist remarks made by individuals that commented on this post, which I quote “Oh for cryin out loud, can we get past the fact that the web page isn’t F-ing pretty” as well as “Stats is also a brand of lipstick, thus the confusion”, “As she gets older and her sexual currency fades and the guys get less horny, she will be in for a huge shock, I still know women that carry on with this rubbish in their early forties onwards, they still can’t find a man, gee I wonder why”(also apparently our life’s mission appears to be to ‘find a man’), I wonder what the male equivalency of these statements would be and whether or not they would be used. So in the name of equality, here goes nothing: “Oh for cryin out loud can we get past the fact that the web page isn’t F-ing Banging” as well as “Stats is also a brand of protein shake, thus the confusion”, “As he gets older and his hair line starts to recede and the girls don’t line up for his milk shake anymore, he will be in for a huge shock, I still know men that keep trying to make the milkshake work, they still can’t find a woman, gee I wonder why?”

The MRA still think it is acceptable to cry wolf at the grave injustices done unto them, I imagine a conversation with an MRA member would follow along the lines of:

Me: So I heard you’ve been feeling socially oppressed lately: what is the silver spoon of male-born-rights not giving you?

MRA member: I just feel so oppressed, every time I go to a bar, all the girls just stare at my arse and ask me if I want to Vincent-van-gogh-to-bed-with-them or they tell me to go chop some lumber and not to mention the catcalls, I just feel like they only want me for my body they’ll never respect me for my feelings.

Me: Well that’s quite unfortunate, what else has been bothering you?

MRA member: Well I just feel like I have so many employment opportunities, it’s so overwhelming, job here, and job there, so many jobs. No I don’t want to be the CEO of a successful oil Conglomerate!? Why are they doing this to me?!

If this turned out to be some of the sole basis of the founding of the MRA, I would step down from my ‘Feminazi’ rampage and look into supporting the cause of the highly oppressed MRA. After all it would suck to be socially oppressed through image policing, lack of bodily respect and misogynistic language; it would also suck to have so many opportunities bestowed upon you because you have a phallic object protruding from your abdomen.

Oh the inequality of it all.


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When She's not advocating Gender Equality, she prefers to retreat into her Mind Palace (method of loci), taking down one misogynist at a time.
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11 Responses to Please Don’t Insult Our Intelligence

  1. Kelsey says:

    “I’m not about to take a flamethrower to my Underwear Drawer, and I admittedly do shave my legs.”

    THANK YOU for this quote, and THANK YOU for not saying “man-killer” or “bra-burner”. Puh-lease, can we get some new feminist adjectives? With all these men that hate us – ya know, the smarter sex – you’d think they’d have come up with something better recently than “hairy” and “cat-lady”.

    I digress.

    You’re awesome. Thanks for keeping it real. You’ve got yourself a new follower. I’m looking forward to your future work!

  2. DaPoet says:

    What Intelligence? Asking MRA’s not to insult the highly questionable intelligence of feminists is – to be – blunt calling the kettle black since all feminists ever do is insult the intelligence of men.

    • feminazivcs says:

      Human intelligence that is innate within every living homo sapien, that varies to different degrees of intelligence (Can be measured by IQ).

      Once again (As I have mentioned numerous times in my numerous musings- which you obviously have no interest in reading), categorizing the Feminist discourse into a few short, ignorant and misleading statements is the reason for the finger of accusation and stupidity to be pointed in the direction of those who do not understand that Feminism is NOT about the assertion of Femme dominance over men, nor is it about the hunt for the death and castration of all men, Feminism is about EQUALITY, and as long as there are those that exist and think there’s no fight to be had, and that wom*n have achieved all their worth, than they are unimaginably wrong and astronomically ignorant.


      • DaPoet says:

        Having been a keen observer of the tactics and the results of third wave feminism ever since the mid nineteen eighties: It is crystal clear that the claim that feminism is about equality is patently false and those who continue to claim so are in reality BALD FACED LIARS.

      • feminazivcs says:

        You’re obviously not much of a ‘keen’ observer then are you? (rhetorical).
        every self respecting critic of anything understands the fact that there is always multiple facets to an issue.
        but if that’s a concept that some people cant grasp than that’s just synonymous with their crappy argument isn’t it??

      • DaPoet says:

        Words are meaningless while actions tell the tale and the results either justify or condemn. There is a clear disconnect between the words feminists utter and their actions while the results of the polices feminists promote; clearly condemn the ideology of feminism by revealing the cold heartlessness of their rhetoric,

        It is the deliberate actions – with both malice and forethought – of promoting the wholesale murder of children inside the womb, the defense of women who abuse and kill their own children outside the womb, the elevation of women to hero status of women who murder their intimate partners in cold blood, the intentional destruction of the two parent family composed of a man and a woman; by using the family court system to push men out of their children’s lives while raping them of their financial resources.

        That proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the claim that feminism is an ideology of equality between men and women to be just what it has always been – AN OUTRIGHT LIE.

      • feminazivcs says:

        AGAIN with the categorizations. I am highly amused right now. You remind me of the pitiful person that was Pat Robertson. Good luck travelling down that road.

        Also please justify in relation to your pressing women man-hating issues:
        the scores of infanticide happening in third world countries on the basis of female gender or the millions of women who still suffer domestic violence and what about the other issues like, female bodily and genital disfigurement and mutilation, forced prostitution, female honor killings, restricted freedoms like the right to vote or the right to freedom of expression, child brides and criminalized pregnancy, as well as rape and sexism and misogyny.

        The ‘wholesale murder of children inside the womb’ is not an issue I am willing to debate as there are too many conflicting views and I wish not offend any one, however I will say this, that the moment we are unable to govern the rights over our own bodies is the moment we become enslaved. Also, grow a womb and a pair of ovaries and come back and talk to me about your purported disdain and outrage.

        ‘The elevation of women to hero status of women who murder their intimate partners in cold blood’
        Now I don’t know what boulder you have been carrying out the partiality of your pitiful existence, but this is hardly the case. Now even women who stand up for themselves against domestic and marital abuse and rape have to pay a penalty for their crime. But there is no real determination by which you can just declare that women kill their intimate partners in ‘cold blood’. It is an issue that is fraught with moral mines and it is not my fault if you fail to determine them.
        and finally, lets not even get started on the SCORES of men who can’t get their act together or completely bail on the women who are left behind to parent a child on their own. The very notion that you are using the term ‘raping’ is very interesting in itself as it is related the the core issues that some women face. The penalization system by which men who are not responsible enough to father a child is something not to be contemplated lightly, but you need to understand that it is about supporting the children in the situation and not ‘raping’ men’s financial resources as you so delicately put.

        Compared to the thousands of years that women have suffered under patriarchal oppression and still continue to face today, your argument and the whole basis of, falls short of deserving much more of my attention.

        So unless you feel you have something REALLY valuable to add to the rest of this discussion, I really suggest taking that super-massive foot out of your obviously bulging mouth because your beginning to look a little bit ridiculous.

        hasta luego mate

      • DaPoet says:

        Like an ancient dinosaur whose tiny brain doesn’t register that it is dead for some time after receiving its death blow. Feminists continue to mindlessly repeat the same ole old and discredited lies – completely unaware of their dwindling support – much like the emperor who shamefully marched through his realm naked because he was too ashamed to admit that he had been so utterly fooled.

      • feminazivcs says:

        Thank you for elucidating your utter indifference to the issues that face women all around the world.
        Your opinion is no longer valid just by the mere fact that you think there is nothing left to be said.
        If there were no more issues than we wouldn’t have to ‘rehash’ or ‘repeat’ ourselves.

        I hope you realize the error of your ways mate (y)

      • DaPoet says:

        The absolute dishonesty of the average feminist never ceases to amaze me.

      • feminazivcs says:

        as does your IQ level.

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